Lotus Owners Gathering 38

Cleveland, Ohio

August 10-13, 2018


Photo Contest

There are two classes for the photo contest, photos 8x10 or larger and photos 5x7 and smaller. Photos can be black and white or color and they need not be taken by you. They should somehow involve Lotus. Each photo is a separate entry although a series of two or three photos that show the same theme is acceptable as one entry and should be displayed in some way to make this clear. Photos need not be framed and matted as we are not judging frames, although in the case of larger photos an inexpensive poster type frame does make transportation much easier.

Model Contest

There are two classes for the model contest, models 1/25 scale and larger and models smaller than 1/25 scale.  You can enter a single model, several models in a single theme or a diorama showing something Lotus oriented.  You can enter models scratch built, kit built, ready built, models you bought and painted, and if the model is of your car a photo of your car posed with it is a great idea.  It goes without saying that all models should be of Lotus vehicles.

Craft Contest

If it isn’t a photo and isn’t a model then it probably fits into the craft contest.  This can be pretty much anything you’ve done that is Lotus related.  A needlepoint of the Lotus emblem, a formula one car built out of Popsicle sticks, a macramé car cover, handmade Lotus jewelry or a belt buckle. Maybe a ceramic tile done up in a Lotus motif.  If you’ve dreamed up something that you crafted Lotus related bring it and enter it.

Liar’s Contest

The liars contest is a creative writing contest (fiction or non-fiction) with the topic of “Why I didn’t bring my Lotus to the Lotus Owners Gathering”. The exceptional winning entry will be published in reMarque.

Hard Luck Story

You almost made it to LOG in your Lotus but external forces intervened along the way.  This is your place to write up the adventure and maybe gather sympathy.

Longest Distance Driven to LOG in a Lotus

The longest distance driven to LOG in a Lotus will be awarded to the person driving the furthest. There will be two categories: older cars (pre 1980) and newer cars (1980 and on).

Days Until LOG 38